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CAP Acoustic Panels

Please click on either image below for size and specifications.

The core CAP (Composite Acoustic Panel) is a fusion of science and art. The CAP panel was designed by Eric, who heads engineering and architectural acoustics at core. Eric's background in architecture and commecial acoustics set him on a journey to design an acoustic panel that outperformed the large manufacturers offerings. The panel is also designed to be part of the interior architecture and will impress both the ears and the eyes.


These 2x2 composite panels are made from seven layers and have premium grade wood veneer finish. They are a smart solution to ceilings and walls in discerning spaces where precision noise control is paramount.


CAP panels are designed to attenuate broad band frequencies with both sound absorption and sound diffusion. They are a minimal and modern addition to keep the focus on the visual and audible architecture and aesthetic of your space.

Full room layout and renderings are provided for the serious client for a nominal fee (refunded upon order). The order also includes a full engineering package that includes shop drawings, installation instructions and details.



Acoustic data extrapolated for E-400 mount (TYP.) for ceilings.


The panels possess distinguished broad range frequency attenuation, absorption and diffusion. Premium performance is realized at the mid to high ranges shown below. Diffusion and sound transmission transfer depend on room environment. The CAP panel has been tested in several interior spaces, (wall and ceiling) with varying surface finish treatments and has proven to promote a highly enhanced acoustic experience.

CAP Graph.png
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