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core audio designs is a manufacturer of timeless and intelligent audiophile furniture and accessories. Our innovative approach to design does not compromise the science or aesthetic of your listening environment. By employing materials such as premium hardwood, stainless steel, stone, aluminum composites, butyl resin.... every product in our catalogue is a precision component for the eyes and ears to explore.

We know the importance of accuracy in all of the senses, be it enhancing the sound presentation, the strength and feel of premium materials or celebrating the elegant lines of fine furniture. The sophisticated design and expert craftsmanship of our Component RacksAcoustic Panels,Speaker Stands, Isolation Platforms, and Headphone Stands will make a beautiful addition to any listening room.

All core products are designed and manufactured in Marin County, California. Our materials are sourced from American suppliers that share the same economic and environmental values.

meet the c o r e creators


Arnold Marr

Founder of  c o r e  audio designs with a B.A. in Recording Arts and Broadcast Communication from San Francisco State University. Arnold was a former Recording Engineer and has three decades of experience within the Consumer Electronics & Recording Industry.


Ralph Carlson 

Highly accomplished artist who works with a vast palette of media. Ralph is a stable force that keeps the core team on an even keel.

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