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Component Racks

Please click on a component rack below for size and specifications.

core plyKraft racks are designed to accommodate your precious audio components. Having a presence that is both elegant and transparent, the timeless architectural and material quality will adapt to a vast range of residential and commercial interior styles.


The tolerances required for the plyKraft can only be achieved with a precision large format CNC router. Most of our components are now fabricated with computerized machining. Digital fabrication processes allow us to create parts with amazing precision and tolerances within .001 of an inch.


The plyKraft series relies solely on robust construction with the best materials carefully chosen first for performance and second for aesthetics. The engineering behind the design focuses on using high mass materials to minimize sound frequency transfer.


As with all core products, core plyKraft racks are made entirely in California.

The Platform


The new plyKraft platform is composed of domestic high-density FSC & CARB certified Apple-Ply. The massive 2” Apple-Ply stock consists of 34 layers of hardwood laminates.​ The construction of Apple-Ply lends itself beautifully to be the perfect building blocks for our new shelves. The exposed Apple-Ply edge is nearly void free and offers a refreshing design element that can be integrated into nearly any décor. As with previous designs, the shelves are milled in the center to create two hollow chambers accessible from the underside of the platform by removing the two brushed aluminum composite Di-Bond®/ALUPANEL® panels. The chambers are preloaded with our unique blend of damping materials to create a high mass, low resonance core.

removable DiBond ACP_United Kingdom_edit

 The Uprights


Massive eight-quarter FAS solid hardwood stock is milled to perfection with precision CNC routers. Dado joinery and threaded metal inserts are used to couple the uprights to the platforms. The dense hardwood uprights create the perfect mechanical diode to drain unwanted vibrations from the shelves to the ground.


The uprights are available in Rift White Oak, Hard Maple, Natural Cherry, American Black Walnut, African Sapele, African Bubinga, African Wenge, and African Zebra. Other wood species are available upon request.
























The Finish


Each component is carefully prepared to maintain its natural beauty with two coats of sealer followed by three coats of clear lacquer. We use Mohawk® professional grade oil catalyzed based lacquer to provide a durable and transparent finish to bring out truly the best in wood by defining grain and depth. We use no stains, dyes or toners in our finishing process. Hand-rubbed oil finishes require occasional oiling. Our catalyzed lacquer is nearly maintenance-free. A simple micro-fiber towel or feather duster is all that’s required.





































Solid hardwood uprights composed from premium FAS certified heartwood. Eight-quarter stock selected for even grain, density, and stability.


2” high-density domestic apple-ply shelves consisting of 34 layers of hardwood. FSC & CARB Certified.


milled center core provides the hollow chamber for damping materials.


Chambers preloaded with lead, clay, and silica. Materials sealed within dual 3 Mil poly bags


Constrained layer damping provided by butyl resin, aluminum, PVC/NBR/CR closed cell foam.


Di-Bond®/ALUPANEL® aluminum composite panels (brushed copper finish) used to conceal damping material.


Available in Rift White Oak, Hard Maple, Natural Cherry, American Black Walnut, African Sapele, African Bubinga, African Wenge, and African Zebra.


MOHAWK® Professional grade oil based catalyzed lacquer finish.


Minimalist design showcasing the beauty and natural harmonics of solid hardwood.


Open architecture allowing for maximum airflow and heat dissipation.


Includes adjustable 5 piece v.3 deluxe 304 stainless steel spikes & coasters.





Wood components can be mixed or matched i.e.: Maple shelves with Walnut Uprights. Please call for pricing. Unless noted otherwise, shelves will be shipped with matching uprights.



Final word


core Audio Racks will enhance the aesthetics of your media room while stimulating your aural senses. Place your active components on a platform that will enable them to perform at their best.

Innovative engineering unite with sophisticated design in the plyKraft Series Audio Rack Collection to let you experience great music in its true form, the way that professional recording artists, producers, and engineers originally intended.

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