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 Isolation Platforms

Please click on image below for size and specifications.


Audio components, particularly amplifiers, suffer compromised instrumental richness and detail due to resonance inherent in the coils of the transformers.


Core Audio Designs has developed an effective solution to draining unwanted vibration and isolating from floor born vibrations. We use a unique manufacturing process that captures and mitigates resonance over a large range of frequencies without compromising the beauty of furniture.


Using only the finest materials and wood joints, science and aesthetics are given equal footing in the potent "isoPlat"CLD v.4 (Constrained Layered Damping) Isolation Platform. Core Isolation Platforms can be used for amplifiers, turntables, and loudspeakers for improved sonic purity and timbral integrity.

Key Features:

  • Mitigates resonance resulting in improved purity and timbral integrity.

  • 100% solid hardwood frame.

  • Premium heartwood used for stability, even grain, and overall strength.

  • Furniture grade construction using joinery of mortise & tenon, and tongue & groove.

  • 2 inch high density Apple-Ply® insert preloaded with our unique blend of damping materials to create a low resonant core.

  • Includes adjustable v.3 deluxe stainless steel spikes and coasters.

  • Available in Rift White Oak, American Black Walnut, Natural Maple, or Natural Cherry, African Sapele, African Bubinga, African Wenge, and African Zebra.

isoPLAT CLD v.4 is available in two sizes: 

isoPLAT STD Ext.frame dimensions:25.50"w x 22.50"d x 2.250"h  STD Insert: 22"w x 19"d x 2"h  

isoPLAT LONG Ext.frame dimensions:19.00"w x 26.50"d x 2.250"h LONG Insert:14.875"w x22.375"d x 2"h 

             ***Optional Dual horizontal support rails shown below. Custom sizes available. Please call for pricing***   

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