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Speaker Stands

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The accurate support of quality speakers is often overlooked even in professional installations. The goal of the core riSer speaker stand is to achieve a delicate balance between two adversarial laws of physics:

1. Spatial Permanence - moving airflow around the speaker rather than the speaker moving itself.


2. Sonic Detachment – allowing true sound to emanate without the resonant transfer from the speaker to the floor via the speaker stand.


The core riSer stands are designed and engineered to maintain the optimal compromise of the two physical laws mentioned above. Like the core plyKraft series, only the best materials are chosen, first for performance and second for aesthetics.

Many speaker manufacturers recommend an optimal height for their product, realistically, different floor materials and differing listener heights require a rigid but adjustable stand to optimize and personalize performance requirements.



  • Rigid High Mass Design

  • Adjustable Center Column. Overall height variable from: 23"-30"

  • Aluminum Composite Top Plate with Brushed Copper Finish: 6-3/4"w x 7-½"d (Custom Top Plates Available)

  • Solid Pennsylvania Blue Stone Base Plate. Available in Natural "Full Color" or Matte black. Please specify color. Base Plate dimensions:: 12" x 12" x 2"

  • Made entirely in Marin County, California

Classic series in satin black
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